Color Oops Comes to Canada

With the summer season upon us, we are very excited to have recently launched a product new to Canada for hair color mishaps.

Have you ever colored your hair and found yourself left with what looks like black shoe polish on your tresses?  What better way to Serve Yourself then in a time of need? Color Oops will remove permanent and semi-permanent hair color from the comfort of your own home.  The unique feature of this product that got us excited is its ability remove unwanted hair color WITHOUT BLEACH or AMMONIA.

We soon heard from Alaina T. in BC.  Normally a strawberry-blond teenager, Alaina decided to color her hair totally black. Tiring of this new look, Alaina wanted her strawberry-blond back. With the help of her local hairdresser, they used Color Oops, remembering to rinse a lot.  Both were impressed when they saw how much color came out with the Color Oops.  Without it, she would have been charged upwards of $120 to remove the color. After four weeks, with some highlights added in, Alaina is now totally blond again. (See before and after images of Alaina.)

Remember folks, Color Oops will bring you back to the color you were before your last permanent or semi-permanent hair color – so keep in mind that if you had already previously bleached your hair – then that is the hair it will take you back to.  No worries though, you can re-color it again after Color Oops – the same day!

While it is currently available in stores across the country – you can also Serve Yourself and go directly to Color Oops at to find a location that is convenient for you.

Color Oops

Alaina 'Before & After' Color Oops


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