Blistop Blister Prevention

Love Your New Shoes?

Blistop blister prevention spray  is an ingenious (spray) solution for that pile of knock-down-gorgeous shoes you HAD to buy, but that are now collecting dust in your closet because of the damage they did to your feet the first time you took them out on the town!

Ladies and Gentlemen – may I present to you Blistop – a blister prevention spray that creates a transparent film to protect the area of the skin exposed to rubbing. The film, which acts like a second skin, is thin enough to allow air to pass through, and goes on invisible.

Blistop is small enough to fit into your handbag. Plus the solution dries almost instantly, so you can simply spray and go. It comes in a 32.5ml CFC-free can, and is good for up to 50 applications.

What makes it so much fun is its mass appeal – its for anyone who has feet.  But really, runners, hikers, dancers, shoe-a-holics (you know who you are!), and brides-to-be – if you really love those girls in your wedding party – pick up a can before your big day and pass it around!

Here was our first reviewer on Blistop, who calls it “My knight in shining blue armour” : FashionMagazine on Blistop 

And here’s where to get it: Blistop at