Plan the Perfect Party Face with EcoTools

Five Tips for the Perfect Holiday Party Look with EcoTools
Five Tips for the Perfect Holiday Party Look with EcoTools

December officially launches the season of holiday parties, sparkle, and all things merry!  Make sure your makeup is up to all those social outings by following these 5 tips for the perfect party look.

  1. Eyes:  Go glam this season with your eye makeup!  Swipe on a universally flattering sparkling gold shadow from lash line to crease, use a wet full eye shadow brush for extra oomph!  If you just want subtle sparkle, try a glitter infused liner or pick a bright poppy color like festive plum.  Need more ideas?  Check out our “All About the Eyes” video tutorial for inspiration.
  2. Cheeks: Even if you don’t normally wear blush, you might want to grab a fluffy blush brush and swipe on a little color.  The best blush acts as a graceful transition from your eyes to your lips, so let the rest of your face dictate how much to apply.  Pick a universally flattering peachy pink or more dramatic berry shade.  Accidently apply too much?  Use a buffing brush to buff and diffuse color into skin.
  3. Lips: Bold lips are in, and there’s no better look than a seasonal berry or rose color.  Grab a lip brush to apply for longer lasting color and line lips to prevent them from bleeding on the edges.  Check out our “Bold Lip” tutorial for some expert tips on application.
  4. Lashes:  There’s no better time to wear false lashes than party season!  False lashes make your eyes stand out and look especially great in photos.  Pop on a pair of lashes for that after work party or go all out with a dramatic pair for a bigger fete.
  5. Nails: Don’t forget to complete your ensemble with a pretty polish.  Sparkly manicures are in!

What’s your favorite party feature to play up?