Splat Hair Chalk!

Hello everyone, Emma here again!

This past Friday a colleague from the office had an end-of-year barbeque for her kids’ elementary school, so she brought Splat Hair Chalk for them to try out. She said it was a lot of fun and the kids were chalking their hair all day.

Splat Chalk BBQ

Now, I’ve always wanted to dye my hair different colour, but I’m a chicken. When I was a kid I wanted red bangs, but my mom told me horror stories of hair bleaching and discoloured roots and waiting for it to grow out – what a nightmare! I’ve been scared ever since. It’s probably good though because my hair has always been quite healthy. (Last summer I chopped it off to donate it, which I couldn’t have done if I had bleached it in real life.) But I digress! I’m happy my hair is healthy, but I’ve still always wanted some colour up there. Enter Splat Hair Chalk! When I heard about the barbeque event, I looked into the product. Seems easy and washes right out – no commitment! I had to try it out and I’m glad I did.


I chose my favourite colour: blue. “Midnight Blue” to be exact. The directions for application are very straightforward: (1) Light layer of hairspray. (2) Apply the chalk directly from the palette by holding it against your thumb and sliding it down your hair. (3) Give one more spritz of hairspray to hold the colour in. Spray, slide, spray; sounds good to me!

(Using a webcam as a mirror for this pic was serious business)


There was a lot of powder and it definitely covers your hands (and where the hair touches your face), so do it in the bathroom. But all that colour washed right off with soap and water, and once the second layer of hairspray was on it hardly transferred onto my skin!


And this was the result! I was a bit worried because my hair is dark, but I got my blue streaks and it held all day. Before I began I also checked to see if other bloggers had any advice, and Jayne over at Cosmetic Proof did a great ombre look. (Go check out Jayne’s ombre and while you’re at it Kalyn Lord created a nice tri-tone look). As Jayne suggested (thanks!), I used a towel so the powder wouldn’t get on my clothes, and I wore blue just in case it did. At the end of the day it washed right out with shampoo!

All in all, this hair chalk is pretty fun and I think I’m going to get some more for future events!

If you want to try Hair Chalk or any other Splat products, they can be found at many locations including select Jean Coutu, London Drugs, Walmart, Pharmasave, Rexall/Pharma Plus, IDA, Lawtons Drugs, Shoppers Drugs Mart, Value Drug Mart, Loblaws, Apple Drug Mart and Farleyco.ca.



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