Flexitol Featured Ingredient: Shea Butter

shea butter

Shea butter is a natural skin moisturizer that contains vitamins A and E along with specific fats and acids. These components work together to soothe skin that is dry and chapped, causing softer, smoother results. It is refined from shea nuts that are crushed, roasted, and ground before shea oils are separated and the creamy butter is collected in liquid form and put to harden. The composition of shea butter allows it to melt at body temperature, absorbing rapidly into the skin and then providing moisture through fats and its ability to hold water. As well as being hydrating, the Vitamins A and E found in Shea butter help keep the skin supple and healthy. Clinical studies have shown that significant results can be seen in as little as 4-6 weeks.

Flexitol products with shea butter include Heel Balm, Heel Magic, Very Dry Skin Cream and Intense Hydrating Lotion. Try them out at select retailers (including London Drugs, Guardian, IDA, Jean Coutu, Loblaws, Familiprix, Rexall/Pharma Plus, Pharmasave, Shoppers Drug Mart and Walmart) and of course, Farleyco.ca.) or by visiting farleyco.ca!