Spongeables Review!

Emma here again! Another day, another fun product to try! This time I’m talking about Spongeables PEDI-SCRUB!


This cute little sponge is a quick and easy way to “bring the spa experience home.” It’s a simple double sided sponge in a fun floral shape, infused with cleansing and nourishing ingredients. Ingredients include shea butter and olive oil for moisture, as well as two different available scents for aromatherapy treatment. You can choose between a floral Lavender-Tea Tree Oil and a fresh Citron-Eucalyptus fragrance. Use the soft side for cleansing and the harder side for an exfoliating massage. It’s designed with patent-pending technology that allows a slow release of the infused ingredients, ensuring an even application of the creamy lather and guaranteeing a minimum of 20 washes. (Some blogs like Canadian Girl Reviews have even said it has far outlasted the 20. Belinda’s Babblings also gave a funny and informative review that you should check out too!) Plus, it’s free of parabens and never tested on animals – all this in something smaller than the palm of my hand and for under $10!


It may sound a bit unnecessary, but I really like it. The scent alone can sell you on the product. I got the Citron-Eucalyptus version and the scent emanates through the packaging, but both scents are wonderful. The soap and oils seem to be soaked into the sponge and then dried, so it feels like a bar of soap embedded into a sponge. The lather was just as rich and creamy as promised and the scrubbing side of the sponge really gives a nice massage. It gets rid of dry skin and my feet look great. On the first few tries the soft side of the sponge still has a lot of product so was hard. But by the 5th wash, enough of the product had been used up that the sponge has some give, and gave that “blizzard” of thick lather.

Although it says daily use, it’s advertised as a spa experience and I think daily might be overkill. I’ve used it 3 times a week for the past few weeks and it’s been great. Storing it is simple. Although it’s a sponge, it dries like a bar of soap, so keep it out of water and it’ll be fine until the next use.

When you consider all of the wonderful spa inclusions in one cute little package, from buffing to essential oils, it really is a fantastic product! Spongeables also has a hand buffer and body wash scrubs available that you may want to try out too! Get them at the following select retailers, or visit Farleyco.ca.

Select retailers include: