Sufferers of eczema know all too well the struggle it can cause. It may arise as a mild itch or it may be seen as oozing blisters, but no matter the severity, it’s a pain to experience. In short, eczema is a skin reaction – similar to an allergy – that leads to redness, swelling, itching and/or dry skin. What’s worse is that it’s often paired with increased sensitivity. As a result, many products that may have offered skin relief will only further the irritation.

Flexitol has developed a formula to help deal with these issues. Flexitol Naturals Eczema Cream is fortified with traditional herbs that have been used for centuries in the management of eczema. The formula is all natural to avoid irritation and still provides healing relief for mild to moderate eczema by soothing and moisturising dry, inflamed skin. It boasts that it’s free of parabens, cortisone, steroids, coal tar, pine tar, nut oils and SLS. The ingredients that are in there include liquorice, aloe vera and lavender.

  • Liquorice has been widely used in Europe and Asia for skin disorders. It contains glycyrrhetinic acid which exerts an effect similar to that of topical hydrocortisone as part of its anti-inflammatory properties
  • Aloe Vera: studies show that topical aloe gel helps heal minor burns and abrasions and decrease the severity of skin irritation
  • Lavender is used to relieve Eczema, and dermatitis. It has cell regenerating properties and a topical analgesic action that helps relieve itching

Eczema results11
This result is typical of using Flexitol Naturals Eczema Cream after 4 weeks.

Although eczema is a tricky condition, this product has received many positive reviews. If this sounds like it could be a solution for you, it’s can be found at the following retailers and