Styli-Style Aloe Concealer Stick

It’s me again, Emma! Like everyone else, my skin can be problematic. Some days it’s the dark circles of being a student, some days it’s breakouts, most days it’s a combination. I hate them and they’re a pain, but I usually just shrug it off and walk out the door. I’m not a big makeup fiend. I have makeup but I only use it on weekends, or I’ll put a layer of foundation on very bad days. But there are always those days that I really want to hide the spots. Luckily, I heard about Styli-Style Cool & Covered Aloe Concealer that Farleyco distributes, so why not try it out?! :D.

Aloe Concealer

The Aloe Concealer stick comes in 4 different shades (Ivory, Nude, Bisque and Tan). The colours ran a little light, and I found that Bisque matched my skin the best. It contains ingredients like beeswax to maintain a solid but flexible consistency at room temperature (like lip balm), so it’s a convenient application that’s still soft enough to glide. Beeswax also has anti-inflammatory properties. Before I tried the product, I was most interested in the fact that it contains aloe extract. Aloe vera is a plant with a thick green leaf that has a soft, clear, gel-like interior tissue. That gel has been found to have healing properties for minor superficial burns and skin abrasions, so its inclusion in the concealer is a great idea for when you’re using it to hide breakouts or irritated areas.

This is not the best comparison because I was working with bathroom lighting and camera phone. Also, I forgot what facial expression I used and only realized after – oops.

concealer eyes
You can see the results better here. I almost didn’t put this in because in the first shot I look cray-cray, but that’s what the concealer is for! (Try to ignore the eyeliner too)

To show more clearly, I did a before and after on my wrist! There’s a discoloured spot left over from a little burn:

None                                            Light coat                                        Thick coat

The light coat was the best. The burn was still a little visible with a light coat, but the thick coat was too much and created an obvious layer. You may or may not be able to see it in the picture.

This is a very handy little stick. It matched my skin, covered the spots, and blended in with foundation nicely. However, it’s important to keep it a little on the warmer side. The first time I used it, I neglected to keep in mind the temperature of the room. Since the stick is beeswax based, it is very dependent on room temperature, just like many lip balms. I used it on a cold day and while it did hide blemishes, it was a struggle to apply. The next time I tried it, I warmed it for a few seconds in my hands and it applied smoothly.

If you want to try it out, you can find them at the following retailers, or at!