WE RUB UREA ON OUR BODIES – Flexitol Featured Ingredient: Urea


In the past, we’ve talked about lanolin and shea butter, very effective moisturizers included in Flexitol skin care products. Today we discuss an ingredient that is by far one of the most essential in Flexitol products:  urea – yes, urea. Before you get grossed out, read on! If you’re turned off by the thought of urea on your skin, then you know it’s found in your urine; but urea is just the compound your body uses to get rid of too much nitrogen. If you consume too much vitamin C, that also ends up in there. In skin care, urea is an important ingredient that weakens keratin bonds, keeping skin supple and inclined to absorb moisture. It’s also a kosher and halal ingredient because it’s synthesized in a laboratory, so not sourced from animals. The weakened keratin allows ingredients like lanolin and shea butter to be better absorbed, increasing the moisturizing effects. It is particularly essential for heel balm since the heel has such a tough, thick layer of skin. In fact, the International Federation of Podiatry states: “Foot creams that do not contain a keratolytic ingredient such as urea will never penetrate the stratum corneum layer satisfactorily.” (Keratolytic refers to the ability to breakdown keratin, and the stratum corneum is the exterior layer of skin.) Synthesized urea is found in the majority of Flexitol products including our Heel Magic, Heel Balm, Hand Balm, Intense Hydrating Lotion and Very Dry Skin Cream. Try it out and experience the results for yourself!

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