Review: Styli-Style Stylus Liquid Eyeliner

When it comes to makeup, I’m the kind of gal with a love-hate relationship. My reasons are pretty standard. I love it because it’s a lot of fun to paint your face. I don’t love it because so many people wear it all the time so I look drab when I don’t (the norm).  But another reason is that I’m really not good at it. I can do the basic brush of foundation and scribble of eye shadow, but I never achieve that perfect look, where everything is composed and tied together. One of my biggest problems is eyeliner. Until a few weeks ago I’ve never even owned liquid eyeliner. I clung to my pencil in fear, dreading what lay beyond the graduation to liquid. But then, as with all the other reviews: Along came Farleyco!

Styli Style Stylus

I received my first liquid eyeliner in the form of the Styli-Style Stylus Liquid Eyeliner Pen. “Designed after a stylus pen, the innovative packaging is easy to hold and has a long, fine point nib for drawing precise lines.” What’s the worst that can happen? So I took to YouTube tutorials and gave it a try.


^Tried a lil wing action on one eye. I’ll get there.

Not too shabby, ah? It took a try or two, but I got the hang of it. Unfortunately can’t give you a comparison to any other liquid pens, but I think it did a good job! It had a nice glide, and it hugged my lashes so the thin line applied evenly and easily. The grip was comfortable and offered a lot of control. I really like and recommend it! And since it’s a pen, there’s no brush cleanup afterwards.

On nights that I’ve worn it out, it stayed completely put. At the end of the night it still looked good and it came off cooperatively with makeup remover. I do believe I’ve been converted to liquid eyeliner with this one!

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