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On Friday night I wore new heels; new, strappy, 4” heels (Ah, summer ♥). I predicted that the night would start with a strut, continue with a stride and end with the familiar limp of feet breaking in new shoes. I predicted sore toes, tired ankles and lots of blisters. And I was right – well, almost. I hobbled home, released my feet of their beautiful prison and shuffled to the fridge. Cradling my cheese on toast, I reclined on the couch next to my friend and looked down to inspect the damage. And guess what? My feet were sore, but no blisters! I can hear you now: “But, Emma, how did you manage such a feat with those shoes?!” “You must be lying to me, for that is surely witchcraft!”

Nay, you non-believers, no lies and no tricks! Only Blistop: a mist of protection and relief in a convenient spray!

Heels ofr blistop photo 1

Blistop is a Flexitol product designed to prevent blisters, or to relieve the ones you already have. For protection it contains acrylic co-polymer, which forms a transparent film that acts as a second skin. This film is water resistant, tough, and breathable, to prevent friction rubs and protect your feet from blistering. Think of it like a bandage that blocks rubbing, but better because it’s invisible and won’t peel off throughout the day. It also helps blisters that have already formed because it contains menthol for cooling pain relief. (But don’t use it if your blisters have popped – menthol is an alcohol so it will sting bare tissue.)

photo 2

It’s quite a small bottle, but it promises up to 50 applications, and I can believe that. It only took a short burst of product to apply, and you can tell it’s there from a slight sheen on your skin. Despite the shine, it still feels like your skin; it’s not sticky or greasy or anything at all. You can’t feel it when you walk either. Once it dries, you forget about it. That’s what a hate about bandages, they slip and slide and inevitably fall off.

It’s a well-designed product in terms of both ingredients and application. It does what it promises, the application is easy & invisible, and it’s meant to last for 50 applications. My feet are merry as can be because of it, and now I don’t have to fear new shoes any longer! I’m not the only one – Glitter Diaries had some similar thoughts in her review that you should check out too!

Give it a try! It’s available at select Guardian, IDA, Jean Coutu, Loblaws, Rexall, and of course,



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