Mesmoreyes Review (and Farleyco fun)

The more time I spend at Farleyco, the more I get assimilated into the beauty world. In the past months I’ve been excited by concealer, liquid eyeliner and hair chalk – Three things I’ve never used in my life. Well, time for another addition: false lashes! Before these, I’ve only ever used mascara. Now I’ve adorned myself with yet another cosmetic product. Hello, MesmorEyes!

I’ve always found false lashes to be beautiful additions to a look. It can give you subtle enhancement like Rasilla from In a Nutshell, or show stopping DRAMA like Ashleigh from Murdock Talks! (Both great reviews). I’ve just never had the occasion or motivation to actually purchase them. But, like with the previous reviews, what better opportunity than now?

MesmorEyes Complete Kit #226
I got the Mesmoreyes Full Lashes Complete Kit #226

I like my eyelashes on their own, but these falsies really wowed me. Here are some comparisons:

Mascara                                     Nothing
Lashes                                     Nothing

LOOK AT THOSE EYELASHES!! I couldn’t stop blinking. I think I made a personal Snapchat record that day. They felt comfortable and the band was thinner than I expected. The lashes are made of real hair and the Mesmoreyes glue is latex and formaldehyde free, so won’t irritate even sensitive eyes. And I’m glad they’re reusable – can’t wait to use them again! Also, I was lucky that Mesmoreyes has a walkthrough not only on the back of the package, but also online as a video tutorial. It was still tricky since I’ve never done it before, but I can easily imagine that I would’ve been in front of the mirror FAR longer without the video.


Voila: The final result!

FUN SIDENOTE: I tested the Mesmoreyes and the Kabuki brush on the same day, and I decided to try to make this the most Farleyco-full look possible. So in that picture I used the: Mesmoreyes lash kit, Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush, and Shading Brush; Styli-style Aloe Concealer Stick, Stylus liquid eyeliner, Dramatic Dip loose eyeshadow and Line & Seal 24 Eyeliner (Plum); Profactor Cosmetic Headband (to keep hair out of my face); and I washed my face first with the EcoTools Pure Complexion Sponge! Bahaha I love my job.

ANYWAY, if you’re interested in trying Mesmoreyes, a variety of their lashes are available across select retailers, or at! (Retailers for any of the aforementioned products are listed on the linked webpages).

Select Mesmoreyes Retailers Include:



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  1. Lucky you~ even with regular mascara your lashes look great 🙂 Jealous 😛
    Anyway thanks for the mention! Yay Mesmoreyes!

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