Nail HQ Cuticle Oil: Review

A couple of weeks ago I spent an entire Friday building box after box to be filled with products. While it was very fun putting things together for our Farleyco bloggers, it took a toll on my hands. I got a few paper cuts, the cardboard made my hands very dry, and the repeated motions of putting the box together tore up my cuticles.
Day 1
Day 1 – Weh 😥

The following day I marched straight to the sample cupboard for some Nail HQ. Overall Nail HQ has been getting some pretty positive reviews, especially in regards to its Ridge Filler and Base Coat. Go check out Sparkled Beauty, My Beauty Full Adventure and Perilously Pale to see their takes on those products and others!

So anyways I grabbed the Cuticle Oil to try for myself.

photo 3photo 4

The Cuticle Oil conditioning vitamin complex has apricot and jojoba oil with vitamins E, A & D3 and beta-carotene. It claims to be non-greasy, but it still feels like oil on my skin, so I’ve been applying it before bed each night.  It’s an easy application with the brush; just dot some onto the cuticle bed and rub it in.


I’ve been applying it 4-5 times a week for the past 3 weeks:

Beginningday 6

Day 14
In order: Day 1, Day 6, Day 13

And it works! It’s a slow but effective heal. It provides a lot of moisture and vitamins to the affected area. It has now been exactly 15 days and these are my cuticles now:
day 15

Long story short, if your cuticles need help, get yourself some Nail HQ Cuticle Oil. It’s not some quick fix – instead it helps nourish your nail beds as they heal naturally, allowing a good foundation for repair. Pick some up at the following select retailers or at!