Nail HQ Gel Top Coat: Review

Nail_HQ_Gel_Top_Coat_for_Nail_Protection-5060226335589Hi everyone, this is Khadija! I am the new Intern at Farleyco. This is the first blog post that I have ever written so… hopefully I’m doing it right…

I have always LOVED getting my nails done whether it’s an acrylic set, a simple manicure, or a shellac manicure! I haven’t put on acrylic nails in over two years (because of how damaged my nails had become) but ever since shellac made its spa debut, it has become my go-to treat.

Unfortunately, I’m the type of person that always finds my hands/nails around her mouth during a conversation, or as I stream the Internet causing my freshly manicured nails to chip only days after I spent $20 getting them done (*cries*)!  But, with a shellac manicure, there has never been a chip, and I only need to get them redone when my nails grow out allowing my manicure to last for 2-4 weeks. Obviously it’s not realistic for a University student to be spending $20 on a shellac manicure that often….right?

Earlier this month, I gave the Nail HQ Gel Top Coat for Nail Protection a try. This fast drying Gel Top Coat seals in colour, protecting against chipping, and extending wear time. The formulation leaves an ultra-glossy smooth finish, and the optical brighteners add a beautiful high gloss finish.

Nail HQ suggests applying the polish to your bare, natural nails but I chose to apply one coat of this Gel Top Coat after I put on two coats of a colour polish. To my satisfaction, it rendered the same glossy end results as a shellac manicure just without the UV lamp! This Gel Top Coat allowed my manicure to last just under two weeks before any chipping began to happen. But, the drying time is what impressed me the most. I had just left my house and was being oh so careful with what I was touching, only to realize that within 5-7 minutes, it was completely dry!

This gel top coat is extremely convenient for all you ladies that just have to paint your nails 10 minutes before you jet out of the door (don’t worry, we’ve all been there). What’s the difference, you ask? This product only costs $7.99, and based on the size, I think that it will give you 20+ uses. I’m sure you can agree that this is a much more reasonable price to pay for beautiful, gloss-finished, anti-chipping, manicured nails. So, bring the spa experience to your very own home!

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