Flexitol Intense Hydrating Lotion

Flexitol Intense Hydrating Lotion (300 ml) is a luxuriously rich, skin nourishing body lotion developed for everyday use, for individuals of all ages. It penetrates your skin for optimal hydration, helps to lock in natural moisture for 24 hours, and protects your skin against dryness, chafing and everyday irritants.


 It is clinically proven to increase skin hydration by 45% in 14 days. This study was performed by Derma Consult Concept GmbH Von-Weichs-Str 9A 53121 Bonn.

 There are three key ingredients that together, make this formula a marvelous solution to dry skin, and chaffing. Urea is an active ingredient in this formula, which has been previously discussed on our blog – click HERE for more information. The Intense Hydrating Lotion also contains dimethicone, which enhances moisture retention by acting as a protective barrier, keeping moisture locked in for 24 hours. It is also concentrated of centipeda cunninghamii, which is a unique Australian herb containing skin nourishing properties.Intense Hydrating Lotion

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