Flexitol Blistop Blister Prevention Spray (32ml): Review

Flexitol-Blistop-Blister-Prevention-Spray-32-ml-835787004626About a month ago I bought a pair of beautiful, black, wedges. Two weeks ago, I finally got a chance to pull them out of my closet and show them off to the World. But, what undoubtedly, always comes with wearing a new pair of shoes? Blisters… painful, ugly, blisters, and that is what I was dreading. Then, the wonderful ladies at Farleyco told me that I need not worry, because they knew the secret to sparing my feet from those painful monsters…

Into my hands came the Flexitol Blistop Blister Prevention Spray. This is a spray that creates a transparent film to protect the area of the skin exposed to rubbing (perfect for new shoes). The spray, when dried, is invisible and not sticky; it acts like a second skin, and is thin enough to allow air to pass through. Blistop comes in a handy, convenient palm-sized spray can that is small enough to fit into your handbag.  Plus, the solution dries almost instantly so, you can simply spray and go. The bottle also promises up to 50 applications (which I believe since it only took a small amount of application to cover both my feet).

At the end of the night, I took off my shoes and clunked out on my bed. Sure, after 10+ hours on my feet, they were sore. But, to my surprise, the next morning, there were NO BLISTERS on my feet. It was as if I didn’t spend the previous day strutting around in wedges. As Emma had once said, “Nay, you non-believers, no lies and no tricks! Only Blistop: a mist of protection and relief in a convenient spray!”

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