Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush

Real_Techniques_Retractable_Lip_Brush-079625014198Have you had days when you have applied your lipstick only to find yourself colouring outside of the lines? (I am guilty of this…) Have you ever wanted to take your lipstick and lip brush to accompany you on your night out, only to realize that it wouldn’t fit in your tiny purse? Both of these worries will be solved with the Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush.

This brush features an ultra-firm tapered tip that applies colour smoothly and expertly lines the contours of the lip for added definition. Before this brush, I always applied my lipstick straight from its holder to my lip. I didn’t even know a lip brush existed let alone the positive difference it would have on the finishing look of my lips.

Lipstick applied using the Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush:


As you can see in the above picture, I was really able to emphasize my cupid’s bow with the lip brush!

With the Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush, you can easily apply your lipstick, lip gloss or stain with perfect precision – even when you’re on the go! For all you ladies that are having a night out or want to touch-up your lip colour during the day, you can go mobile with the retractable design. If you don’t have room for the lipstick in your purse, you can stroke the brush against your lipstick or gloss, throw the lid on, and save it for later! There is absolutely NO MESS in your purse!

The Real Techniques Retractable Lip Brush has a suggested retail price of $8.99. For more information, click HERE

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