Goodbye Khadija, Hello Winnie

I can’t believe that tomorrow is my last day working as a Marketing Intern at Farleyco Marketing Inc. These past four months have just flown by, and I have honestly enjoyed every minute. My most memorable moment was definitely the Real Techniques Road Show, and having the opportunity to meet the Pixiwoo sisters. We spent countless hours planning for that evening to ensure it would be extremely enjoyable to everyone that attended, and it was just amazing to see it all come together. It has been an absolute pleasure to work here, and become so close with so many of my colleagues. On the bright side, I will be sure to visit, and keep in touch. Thank you to everyone who has read and enjoyed my posts – perhaps I will have the opportunity to blog as a guest in the future!

Taking my place is a fellow University of Waterloo student; I will let her introduce herself…

My name is Winnie and I am currently an Economics student at the University of Waterloo. I have a huge love and passion for beauty and makeup products. If I could only wear one makeup item, it would be eyeliner. I cannot go anywhere without my eyeliner because it fakes tired eyes. I simply buy my makeup products at local drug stores and experiment with them because they have low costs. I cannot contain my excitement to write blog reviews in the following months. Happy holidays, lovelies!

BYE again everyone – I wish you all a very happy, and safe Holiday and New Year! 🙂