Winter Beauty Tip #1: Moisturize- Skin Care

Welcome to 2015! It is exciting to be writing my first blog.  Winter is well under way, and it may be a tough transition for your skin. That is why I would like to share with you my handy beauty tips to survive the coldest season, hoping to make 2015 bigger and better.


Moisturize– your skin! Protect your skin from drying out in the Winter. Since we are transitioning from the chilly outdoors into the warm indoors, heaters blasting hot air rob moisture from our skin. Moisturizers can help seal water in the skin and preserve the moisture. As you know, dryness in the air may cause your skin to flake, crack and even lead to eczema.

Moisturize- your hands! Since your hands touch everything, you might tend to wash them a lot in order to avoid picking up germs. But remember to apply hand lotion afterwards to avoid cracking.

Moisturize- your lips! Changing temperature can cause visibly dry, cracked lips. As a result, I carry one lip balm in each of my purses, in my car, on my desk, and you get the picture.

Moisturize- your body! Don’t use hot water when showering. Hot water will remove additional moisture from your skin and body.  Try using lukewarm water instead.

Moisturize- your face! Remember to moisturize after you cleansed your face, especially before bed. Also, reduce the amount of cleanser because it will create dryness. I tend to see my forehead flaking from the excess amount of cleanser.

Stay tuned for the next beauty tip next time!