K Tape Review

Hi everyone,

I have tried K Tape for Wrist and Knee Pain which I specifically used for my knee so I thought I’d let you know what I think!


I am fairly active and play competitive sports so ensuring I don’t get injured or make an injury worse is very important to me. A while ago now I tore the meniscus in my knee playing soccer and was told it was probably best to go to physiotherapy to help recover. My injury wasn’t bad at all but it still for the next few months it made running painful at times and made me have to sit out of simple exercises. A few months later when I was able to play and run again I was told to wear a tenser band or brace of some kind while playing for extra support until it no longer feels sore.

I am now extra cautious when it comes to injuries and as soon as something doesn’t seem right I make sure to stop and figure out what is wrong. I often still wear the tenser band so the odd time it feels sore I don’t have to worry. K Tape was perfect for me as it gave my knee the extra support it needed. Once K Tape was on the soreness I felt while running was completely gone. It lasted the entire game and I completely forgot it was even on until we finished, it’s that light. K Tape also has versions for shoulder pain, neck pain and ankle pain.

It is very easy to use and can be used for many different injuries or knee problems. Seeing as knee problems are so common these days I would recommend trying K Tape when a little extra support is needed. It is something I now carry with me to my activities and I am so thankful that it can help allow me to continue participating in sports.

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