X3 Freeze Cooling Spray Review

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Today I’ll be writing about the X3 Freeze Cooling Pain Relief Continuous Spray that I had the chance to try yesterday. As an avid soccer player and sports enthusiast I have used muscle creams many times before. However, I had never heard of a spray that helps relieve muscle pain so I thought I would give it a try!

The X3 Cooling Pain Relief Spray provides fast relief of muscle pain (specifically for sprains, strains, sore muscles, joint pain and arthritis) and was very easy to use! You simply spray it on the area that is sore and it dries within seconds. I went and played soccer after I applied it and found that it didn’t stain any clothing and wasn’t greasy at all which I loved. Some of the muscle creams I have used in the past leave your skin feeling greasy. Since X3 Freeze comes in the form of a spray, you also don’t have to worry about getting your hands covered in cream while rubbing it in which I found really nice. The X3 Freeze
Spray is also faster and easier to apply than creams are and I found it works faster than other cooling creams I have used.

Once you’ve applied the X3 Freeze Cooling Spray, give it a few seconds and you’ll get that cooling sensation; it definitely helps alleviate the pain. It’s also faster than using ice and lasts longer which makes it easier to resume your activity or move on with your day rather than having to stop while you apply ice (It’s also a lot easier to carry with you and keep on hand compared to ice).


I would definitely recommend trying the X3 Freeze Cooling Pain Relief Continuous Spray the next time you experience muscle pain. X3 Freeze also comes in a Cooling Gel and a Cooling Roll On. Learn more about X3 Freeze Cooling Pain Relief Continuous Spray on our website

Also available at: Select Walmart Stores and London Drugs

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