X3 Foaming Hand Sanitizer Review

Hey eveyone,

I’m a new fan of the X3 Foaming Hand Sanitizer, especially since it is alcohol free and it doesn’t have much of an odour at all, which I really like. I also found that many hand sanitizers dried out my hands, but the X3 Foaming Hand Sanitizer uses a moisturizing formula so that this doesn’t occur. My hands never felt dry after using it compared to other sanitizers where I found myself looking for hand cream.

New Packaging x3 clean 250

X3 Foaming Hand Sanitizer is easy to use too! It comes in a 250ml bottle or a smaller 75ml portable bottle that pumps so you can easily rub it into your hands to disinfect them. I think the X3 Hand Sanitizer is also a good option for children, as it is non-toxic, alcohol-free and non-drying to the skin. It is a great way to keep your hands clean of germs and bacteria in between hand washing and to avoid getting sick during cold/flu season.

X3 also makes a travel sized spray sanitizer that is perfect for taking with you. It is also alcohol and scent-free and comes in a small convenient 8ml spray bottle. It’s a perfect way to quickly and easily clean your hands wherever you are.

You can find X3 Foaming Hand Sanitizer  at Select Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, Select Guardian, Select IDA, and Select Value Drug Mart stores. Or it can be found on our website by clicking HERE.

Have a great weekend everyone! 🙂