Montagne Jeunesse’s Glacial Clay Spa Mask

In light of today’s #tbt, let me take us back to two weeks ago when I finally had the chance to try out Montagne Jeunesse’s Glacial Clay Spa. We had a few left over from our Spring into Summer giveaway box, so I thought why not? I’ll give it a try since my skin can always benefit from a boost of hydration, at anytime of the year.

Montagne Jeunesse Gacial Clay Spa Mask
Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa Mask

I was super excited to try this one on since I’ve heard many great things about it around the office. When I first picked it up I was told that it would actually feel like the glaciers (thanks Holly, that was enough convincing for me). I took it as my skin would suddenly feel refreshed and cooled.

My first impression when I got to try it on was of the fabric that held the clay together. It’s was practically ingenious! There was no need to go through the routine of trying to squeeze out the clay, and having to rush the application so that it wouldn’t harden by the time it reaches my face. Montagne Jeunesse did it right with this new ergonomic design, where I simply pulled out the clay infused mask, unravel it, and rested it directly on to my skin.

I have to admit, it really did feel really refreshing. Once I applied the mask, I immediately felt a cooling sensation on my skin. I left it on for half an hour to see if it would dry up all the way, and it didn’t entirely. Of course, it still hardened to the point where facial expressions were indistinguishable, and I’ve always felt that this part is necessary in order to thoroughly target the oil and grime before peeling it off, so no complaints there. This is another plus to pamper sessions because I lets me finally relax the muscles of my face and it’s totally excusable. Which properly defines, me-time.

This mask is especially great for normal, oily, and combination skin types, so it’s perfect for me. Montagne Jeunesse claims that this mask will “cleanse your pores to the core”, and  “help maintain the skin’s natural barrier from the anti-oxidant rich Red Grape and Arctic Cloudberry juices“. My final verdict is that yes, MJ tells no lies. After I had peeled and washed the mask off, my skin felt noticeably soft, clean, and tightened. It was practically glowing! This mask fulfilled my expectations, and I would definitely try this again.

At $2.49CAD it was the highlight of my pamper session, proving once again that you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to guarantee great skin.


Stores: London Drugs, Lawton Drugs, select Brunet, Jean Coutu, Pharmasave, Proxim, and Uniprix

Online:,, and

Bye for now!

xoxo Liz