9 CAUSES OF EXCESSIVE SWEATINGSummer is the worst time for those who suffer from excessive sweating, but the heat is not the only factor influencing the production of sweat. Today we will tell you the most common causes of excessive sweating.

  1. Temperature: Because sweat helps regulate body temperature, it makes sense that high temperatures cause the production of sweat. This is not an exclusive phenomenon of the summer: changes in temperature and excess clothes in winter can create sweating too.
  2. Exercise: One should avoid exercising during the midday on hot summer days.
  3. Gender: Men sweat up to 50% more than women and produce acidic sweat. This is because their body composition contains more water and less fat.
  4. Hormones: Sweating increases during adolescence and menopause.
  5. Weight: Overweight people sweat more than those with a normal weight. Therefore, if you are overweight and suffer from hyperhidrosis, it is recommended that you carefully monitor your diet.
  6. Smoking: Nicotine can increase acetylcholine in your body, which is a neurotransmitter that helps ‘turn on’ your sweat glands. The best solution to this problem is to stop smoking.
  7. Diet: Spicy or very spicy foods increase sweat production as well as alcohol and diets based on animal protein.
  8. Drugs: Antipyretics (fever), some antipsychotics and medicine based on hormones can significantly increase perspiration.
  9. Stress: Emotional crises trigger sweat glands, especially on the forehead, palms, feet and armpits. Relaxation techniques are a valuable tool to keep sweat under control.

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