Social phobia and excessive sweating

socialphobiaSocial phobia is an anxiety disorder often brought on by stressful circumstances, and is characterized by a partial or complete rejection of situations that involve interacting with others. This compulsive fear is often associated with some external manifestations, such as excessive sweating.

People suffering from social phobia may experience a panic attack when faced with certain social situations: public speaking, going to the movies, going to a party, meeting casually with friends or family and discussing a topic in class. Common symptoms may include dry mouth, sweating hands, tremors, blurred vision, heat and stuttering.

Many try to cope with the situations that trigger their anxiety disorder; this will serve as what is called ‘safe behavior’, a series of behaviors that lessen the effects of anxiety. Among them is keeping hands in pockets so that the tremors are not noticed, avoiding eye contact, wearing loose clothing to hide the effects of excessive sweating or drinking alcohol.

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