Tips to Survive Summer Festivals

Festival season is just around the corner – that means music, partying and hopefully some beautiful weather! Don’t forget Perspirex for those hot days, so you can safely concentrate on enjoying the music with your arms in the air.

We are approaching high season for summer music festivals. Every week, a new festival will have something to offer all genres of music lovers. Whether you are a seasoned festival-goer, have experienced festivals a few times or are a beginner, here are some things to anticipate to and be ready.

Many look forward to free-spirited fun filled times with friends, breaking the routine from their everyday busy lives and relaxing to good music in the twilight.  However, be prepared for long line-ups for toilets and washing stations.  You may want to think about putting together a festival kit that most will envy.

We recommend that you pack the usual items including sunscreen, water, toilet paper and something for a headache.  Always have cleansing wipes or hand sanitizers at hand when you need it most. Dry Shampoo is also an ingenious product to include in your kit, which helps revitalize your the hair.

Also be sure to use Perspirex antiperspirant as part of your evening routine before going to the festival. This ensures that you are protected from perspiration and sweating for up to 3-5 days. If the festival lasts longer, just bring Perspirex and apply it after a wash on dry skin before bed.

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Below are some festivals happening in Canada that you can look forward to:

  • Festival d’été de Quebec (July 6th – 16th) *QC
  • Dreams Festival (July 7th & 8th) *ON
  • Pemberton (July 13th – 16th) *BC
  • Hillside (July 14th – 16th) *ON
  • Wayhome (July 28th – 30th) *ON
  • VELD (August 5th & 6th) *ON
  • Shambhala (August 11th – 14th) *BC

We wish you a festive (and sweat free) festival season!