Post Festival Skin Care Recovery

Festival go-ers, midnight ravers and party animals unite… Have the time of your life at your long awaited festival, dance the night away, see your favourite bands, camp under the stars, but afterwards… Your skin care hasn’t been your top priority, and all you can think of now is having the most luxurious bath or shower of your life! Well, look no further… Discover our post festival skin care highlights, that’ll invigorate and refresh pores for the ultimate skin cleanse!7th Heaven post-festival

Detox and Deep Cleanse

Your skin care has taken a back seat and the trusty make-up wipe has been your skin’s saviour (just about.) It’s served it’s purpose, but it’s safe to say your skin is in need of a deep cleansing treatment. Alas! After cleansing and removing make-up, we recommend applying our award winning Charcoal Masque. This deep cleansing clay mask will help to absorb and remove skin impurities in no time, while the Walnut shell will help to gently buff away any uneven skin texture.

Available at select Rexall Pharmaplus, London Drugs, Pharmasave, Lawtons Drugs, Uniprix and Brunet stores.

Want to take your skin hydration up a notch with Creamy Coconut Face Masque? We’ve harnessed the hydrating goodness of fresh Coconut Water and added lots of lovely ingredients to moisturize and hydrate, including super smoothing Shea butter. Perfect for travel and available in a pack of three – share with friends, or stash away for next time.

Available at select Rexall Pharmaplus, London Drugs, Pharmasave, Lawtons Drugs, Uniprix and Brunet stores.

Stay tuned for more post-festival posts from 7th Heaven!

Back-to-School Tips

We’ve put together a few Back-to-School tips, to help you prepare for re-entry into the hallways of higher learning this September!

Feel good about looking your best even after gym class with COLAB Dry Shampoo! COLAB from the dry shampoo experts is an award winning dry shampoo. When sprayed into roots and brushed into hair, the beautifully designed, brilliant quick fix formula provides amazing oil absorption without leaving a white residue.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Just thinking about returning to school can make anyone perspire uncomfortably.  If you sweat more than most, Perspirex antiperspirant has a special formulation that is so effective, it only needs to be applied every 3 to 5 days. More on Perspirex in Canada



Treat yourself when you get back home to some pampering – or relax with a friend.  We’ve included some naturally wonderful 7th Heaven face masques from Montagne Jeunesse for at-home fun! Feel your day peel away along with the 7th Heaven Green Tea Peel Off masque, or indulge in a little 7th Heaven Chocolate cleansing – good for your face, and your soul! More on 7th Heaven in Canada

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