Man’s Stuff Christmas Guide

Man's Stuff Christmas Guide



Aloe Ingredient in Flexitol

Aloe VeraFlexitol Heel Balm, Eczema Cream, and Nail Revitalizer Gel all contain the ingredient Aloe, more commonly known as Aloe Vera.

The Aloe plant produces two substances: gel and natural latex. These substances are commonly used for medicines and medical products. Found in the inner part of the Aloe plant leaf, we find Aloe gel, a clear, jelly-like substance found in products like Flexitol Heel Balm. Aloe latex comes from just under the plant’s skin, and is yellow in color. Some Aloe products contain both gel and latex, including products like Flexitol Eczema Cream and Flexitol Nail Revitalizer.

 For more information on Aloe, click HERE

Aloe Vera, which can be taken by mouth or applied to the skin, is widely known to have a variety of health benefits, including the following:

  • Contains 12 different substances which have the ability to help reduce, and prevent inflammation without the risk of side-effects. It is even known to help with swollen, stiff or painful joints.
  • Has the ability to help repair your collagen and elastin, giving you healthy skin. Our skin replaces itself each 28 days or so and when we have nutritional building blocks from Aloe Vera, our skin is able to use these nutrients each day to help fight aging.
  • It is able to help sooth minor skin irritations, scrapes, cuts and burns.

For more information on the health benefits of Aloe, click HERE

Beeswax ingredient in Flexitol

BeeswaxBeeswax: it’s natural, it’s non-toxic and it’s beneficial. Because of these features, it’s used all over the cosmetics industry as a moisturizing thickening agent – for products like moisturizers, lip balms and concealers. Flexitol is very aware of the protective qualities, so beeswax is incorporated into some of the products, including our Heel Balm, where a larger quantity is used to maintain the consistency of the spreadable stick application.

Beeswax is a good emollient as well as a humectant, which means it attracts water molecules to keep the skin hydrated throughout the day. While it forms a protective layer, it’s also breathable so that it doesn’t suffocate the skin. In addition to its moisturizing properties, beeswax has been found to have antibacterial, and inflammatory properties. It also contains Vitamin A, which helps with cell reconstruction.

Try Flexitol Heel Balm or any of the other effective products at the following select retailers, or at!

Find this product at the following retailers:

If you would like to learn more about beeswax, please click HERE or HERE

Olive Oil ingredient in Flexitol’s Heel Balm

oliveoilPure olive oil is a common home-remedy for dry skin, hair and nails. It penetrates the skin quickly and provides excellent spread ability through the presence of polyunsaturated fatty acids. It contains antioxidants like Vitamins A and E that help repair and renew damaged skin. While the olive oil straight from the kitchen bottle is very accessible, it’s not always the easiest application. If you put it directly on your skin, its runny and oily consistency makes it a pain to do or touch anything for at least a few hours. An application before bed may not suit you either because the oil isn’t friendly on many fabrics.

Luckily, Flexitol has reaped all the rewards and removed the inconvenience. Flexitol’s Heel Balm includes olive oil within its other moisturizer agents, so the oily feeling is lost among the other non-greasy ingredients, but it still provides the antioxidants. Another benefit of olive oil is that it softens hard patches, which is perfect for rough, cracked heels.

Find this product at the following retailers:

For more information on olive oil, please feel free to click HERE or HERE.

Nail HQ Cuticle Oil: Review

A couple of weeks ago I spent an entire Friday building box after box to be filled with products. While it was very fun putting things together for our Farleyco bloggers, it took a toll on my hands. I got a few paper cuts, the cardboard made my hands very dry, and the repeated motions of putting the box together tore up my cuticles.
Day 1
Day 1 – Weh 😥

The following day I marched straight to the sample cupboard for some Nail HQ. Overall Nail HQ has been getting some pretty positive reviews, especially in regards to its Ridge Filler and Base Coat. Go check out Sparkled Beauty, My Beauty Full Adventure and Perilously Pale to see their takes on those products and others!

So anyways I grabbed the Cuticle Oil to try for myself.

photo 3photo 4

The Cuticle Oil conditioning vitamin complex has apricot and jojoba oil with vitamins E, A & D3 and beta-carotene. It claims to be non-greasy, but it still feels like oil on my skin, so I’ve been applying it before bed each night.  It’s an easy application with the brush; just dot some onto the cuticle bed and rub it in.


I’ve been applying it 4-5 times a week for the past 3 weeks:

Beginningday 6

Day 14
In order: Day 1, Day 6, Day 13

And it works! It’s a slow but effective heal. It provides a lot of moisture and vitamins to the affected area. It has now been exactly 15 days and these are my cuticles now:
day 15

Long story short, if your cuticles need help, get yourself some Nail HQ Cuticle Oil. It’s not some quick fix – instead it helps nourish your nail beds as they heal naturally, allowing a good foundation for repair. Pick some up at the following select retailers or at!


Mesmoreyes Review (and Farleyco fun)

The more time I spend at Farleyco, the more I get assimilated into the beauty world. In the past months I’ve been excited by concealer, liquid eyeliner and hair chalk – Three things I’ve never used in my life. Well, time for another addition: false lashes! Before these, I’ve only ever used mascara. Now I’ve adorned myself with yet another cosmetic product. Hello, MesmorEyes!

I’ve always found false lashes to be beautiful additions to a look. It can give you subtle enhancement like Rasilla from In a Nutshell, or show stopping DRAMA like Ashleigh from Murdock Talks! (Both great reviews). I’ve just never had the occasion or motivation to actually purchase them. But, like with the previous reviews, what better opportunity than now?

MesmorEyes Complete Kit #226
I got the Mesmoreyes Full Lashes Complete Kit #226

I like my eyelashes on their own, but these falsies really wowed me. Here are some comparisons:

Mascara                                     Nothing
Lashes                                     Nothing

LOOK AT THOSE EYELASHES!! I couldn’t stop blinking. I think I made a personal Snapchat record that day. They felt comfortable and the band was thinner than I expected. The lashes are made of real hair and the Mesmoreyes glue is latex and formaldehyde free, so won’t irritate even sensitive eyes. And I’m glad they’re reusable – can’t wait to use them again! Also, I was lucky that Mesmoreyes has a walkthrough not only on the back of the package, but also online as a video tutorial. It was still tricky since I’ve never done it before, but I can easily imagine that I would’ve been in front of the mirror FAR longer without the video.


Voila: The final result!

FUN SIDENOTE: I tested the Mesmoreyes and the Kabuki brush on the same day, and I decided to try to make this the most Farleyco-full look possible. So in that picture I used the: Mesmoreyes lash kit, Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush, and Shading Brush; Styli-style Aloe Concealer Stick, Stylus liquid eyeliner, Dramatic Dip loose eyeshadow and Line & Seal 24 Eyeliner (Plum); Profactor Cosmetic Headband (to keep hair out of my face); and I washed my face first with the EcoTools Pure Complexion Sponge! Bahaha I love my job.

ANYWAY, if you’re interested in trying Mesmoreyes, a variety of their lashes are available across select retailers, or at! (Retailers for any of the aforementioned products are listed on the linked webpages).

Select Mesmoreyes Retailers Include:


Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush!

Hi everyone! I’ve wanted to do a Real Techniques review for a while. Positive reviews are all over the place – Canadian Fashionista made me want the Your Eyes Enhanced Starter Collection, Beauty Infinitum pushed me towards the Miracle Complexion Sponge, Beauty and a Bite made the case for the Core Collection, The Notice baited me with the Travel Essentials, I could go on and on! Well after MUCH deliberation I finally made my decision: The Retractable Kabuki Brush. I decided on this brush because I don’t yet have a kabuki brush, but more importantly it is SO travel friendly! Of course it’s great for a quick trip to your friends’ place, but the major benefit is holidays! My family lives overseas and I’m often flying to visit them – but the trips aren’t regular enough to warrant having duplicates in both places. So bringing this multitasking brush in lieu of three or four exposed brushes is a fantastic upgrade.


As I’ve heard time and again about the Real Techniques line, the bristles were extremely soft and applied makeup beautifully. I love that the tips of their brushes are white so you can see how much product you’ve picked up and it’s also good for when it’s time to clean the brush. It has a plethora of uses including foundation, blush, bronzer, highlighter and powder. I think that it’s meant to be mainly for cream or powder products, but I used it successfully with liquid foundation followed by a powder blush and a setting powder.

Another handy feature of this brush is that you can pull the retractable casing up ¼ or ½ of the way to make the brush a little denser, which delivers more precise and direct application. It really is such a versatile brush which is great for such a compact and on-the-go tool. Once you’re done with the brush the inner tube slides up to protect the bristles and the cap goes on very easily.


I’m loving the choice that I made! If you want to try it out (definitely do), you can find it at the following retailers or at!


Flexitol: Heel Magic and Hand Balm

hand balm and heel magic

Life can take a toll on your skin.  Dry hands and feet are common, especially if you’re busy or active.  Flexitol’s Hand Balm and Heel Magic are clinically proven to dramatically reduce signs of wear and tear, leaving your skin healthy no matter what comes your way. Both products contain all three of the featured Flexitol ingredients that have been posted on our blog: shea butter, lanolin and urea. Each nourishing product is formulated to suit their particular area of the body.

Heel Magic:

heel magic no box

Heel magic has a highly concentrated emollient base in a convenient stick applicator. The application is very easy, and the formula is paraben free and diabetic friendly. Use it twice a day, morning and night, until results are achieved, then use it as needed.


Hand Balm:

hand balm no box

hand balm before and after
Typical results of Hand Balm use after 2 weeks

Flexitol’s nourishing Hand Balm offers deep hydration in a non-greasy formula. It can be used anywhere on the body, but was created with touch, scaly hands in mind. The urea content is in at 10%, providing an intense fight against rough, dry skin.

Try them out by visiting the listed retailers (or order online from

Blistop Review

On Friday night I wore new heels; new, strappy, 4” heels (Ah, summer ♥). I predicted that the night would start with a strut, continue with a stride and end with the familiar limp of feet breaking in new shoes. I predicted sore toes, tired ankles and lots of blisters. And I was right – well, almost. I hobbled home, released my feet of their beautiful prison and shuffled to the fridge. Cradling my cheese on toast, I reclined on the couch next to my friend and looked down to inspect the damage. And guess what? My feet were sore, but no blisters! I can hear you now: “But, Emma, how did you manage such a feat with those shoes?!” “You must be lying to me, for that is surely witchcraft!”

Nay, you non-believers, no lies and no tricks! Only Blistop: a mist of protection and relief in a convenient spray!

Heels ofr blistop photo 1

Blistop is a Flexitol product designed to prevent blisters, or to relieve the ones you already have. For protection it contains acrylic co-polymer, which forms a transparent film that acts as a second skin. This film is water resistant, tough, and breathable, to prevent friction rubs and protect your feet from blistering. Think of it like a bandage that blocks rubbing, but better because it’s invisible and won’t peel off throughout the day. It also helps blisters that have already formed because it contains menthol for cooling pain relief. (But don’t use it if your blisters have popped – menthol is an alcohol so it will sting bare tissue.)

photo 2

It’s quite a small bottle, but it promises up to 50 applications, and I can believe that. It only took a short burst of product to apply, and you can tell it’s there from a slight sheen on your skin. Despite the shine, it still feels like your skin; it’s not sticky or greasy or anything at all. You can’t feel it when you walk either. Once it dries, you forget about it. That’s what a hate about bandages, they slip and slide and inevitably fall off.

It’s a well-designed product in terms of both ingredients and application. It does what it promises, the application is easy & invisible, and it’s meant to last for 50 applications. My feet are merry as can be because of it, and now I don’t have to fear new shoes any longer! I’m not the only one – Glitter Diaries had some similar thoughts in her review that you should check out too!

Give it a try! It’s available at select Guardian, IDA, Jean Coutu, Loblaws, Rexall, and of course,


Review: Styli-Style Stylus Liquid Eyeliner

When it comes to makeup, I’m the kind of gal with a love-hate relationship. My reasons are pretty standard. I love it because it’s a lot of fun to paint your face. I don’t love it because so many people wear it all the time so I look drab when I don’t (the norm).  But another reason is that I’m really not good at it. I can do the basic brush of foundation and scribble of eye shadow, but I never achieve that perfect look, where everything is composed and tied together. One of my biggest problems is eyeliner. Until a few weeks ago I’ve never even owned liquid eyeliner. I clung to my pencil in fear, dreading what lay beyond the graduation to liquid. But then, as with all the other reviews: Along came Farleyco!

Styli Style Stylus

I received my first liquid eyeliner in the form of the Styli-Style Stylus Liquid Eyeliner Pen. “Designed after a stylus pen, the innovative packaging is easy to hold and has a long, fine point nib for drawing precise lines.” What’s the worst that can happen? So I took to YouTube tutorials and gave it a try.


^Tried a lil wing action on one eye. I’ll get there.

Not too shabby, ah? It took a try or two, but I got the hang of it. Unfortunately can’t give you a comparison to any other liquid pens, but I think it did a good job! It had a nice glide, and it hugged my lashes so the thin line applied evenly and easily. The grip was comfortable and offered a lot of control. I really like and recommend it! And since it’s a pen, there’s no brush cleanup afterwards.

On nights that I’ve worn it out, it stayed completely put. At the end of the night it still looked good and it came off cooperatively with makeup remover. I do believe I’ve been converted to liquid eyeliner with this one!

Find it at!