How do you handle situations with a high amount of stress – like weddings?

In light of the upcoming wedding season, we thought some advice on sweat control may come in handy. Weddings are beautiful, elegant occasions full of love and shared with friends and family. People love to dream about their own wedding day, but we often forget how stressful they really are. Psychologists consider weddings to be one of the most stressful of life’s typical milestones. It makes sense – the bride and groom want everything to be perfect. Unfortunately, high stress situations can be a significant source of nervous sweating.

If you’re the type of person who has sweat issues like hyperhidrosis, these high stress situation have an extra layer of difficulty. Worrying about perfection causes sweating, and this sweating makes you even more flustered, continuing the sweaty cycle. No one wants extensive sweating to distract them from what’s really important.

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Don’t let sweat overshadow your day. For starters, work on minimizing the source of the stress. Choose professionals that you trust to handle all of the organization. You should have high confidence in the people who help you prepare so that you can relax and let them take the reins. It’s also good to surround yourself with positive people who help you stay calm. Once you’ve done that, you can rest a bit easier. When the big day finally arrives, choose a reliable antiperspirant that you can trust, like Perspirex. You can be assured that your day will be all about your wedding, and not your sweating.

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Back-to-School Tips

We’ve put together a few Back-to-School tips, to help you prepare for re-entry into the hallways of higher learning this September!

Feel good about looking your best even after gym class with COLAB Dry Shampoo! COLAB from the dry shampoo experts is an award winning dry shampoo. When sprayed into roots and brushed into hair, the beautifully designed, brilliant quick fix formula provides amazing oil absorption without leaving a white residue.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Just thinking about returning to school can make anyone perspire uncomfortably.  If you sweat more than most, Perspirex antiperspirant has a special formulation that is so effective, it only needs to be applied every 3 to 5 days. More on Perspirex in Canada



Treat yourself when you get back home to some pampering – or relax with a friend.  We’ve included some naturally wonderful 7th Heaven face masques from Montagne Jeunesse for at-home fun! Feel your day peel away along with the 7th Heaven Green Tea Peel Off masque, or indulge in a little 7th Heaven Chocolate cleansing – good for your face, and your soul! More on 7th Heaven in Canada

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All Season Relief for Heavy Sweaters – Perspirex Plus

Summer is on its way, and for those who sweat heavily throughout the year, heavy perspiration can be a problem.

Sweating is a natural and essential bodily function which regulates the body’s temperature.  However, for many it may be both inconvenient and embarrassing to deal with sweat-stained clothes at work, school, or getting together with friends this season.

While many of the new clinical strength deodorants reduce sweat by 30 percent, Perspirex Plus has been shown in clinical trials to reduce perspiration by at least 70 percent ~ for three days or more.

Perfume-free, Perspirex Plus is manufactured in Denmark and launched in Canada in 2007.  What sets it apart from the sea of other deodorants who reside beside it on the shelf is that one application can work for three to five days.  You don’t have to just take our word for it – here are some reviews of Perspirex Plus.

As with any product, be sure to follow instructions, which include:
1) Do Not apply after shaving your underarms or on broken skin.
2) Apply at night, as sweat glands are less active at night, giving Perspirex Plus time to work while you sleep.

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New Perspirex Plus

Available in stores across the country, click here to find Canadian retailers where it is now available,  or purchase online if you would prefer to Serve Yourself: Perspirex Plus